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Interconnected Systems Framework

The Interconnected Systems Framework (ISF) is a structure and process to integrate Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and School Mental Health within school systems. The goal is to blend resources, training, systems, data, and practices in order to improve outcomes for all children and youth. There is an emphasis on prevention, early identification, and intervention of the social, emotional, and behavior needs of students. Family and community partner involvement is critical to this framework.

Guest Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Yanek – Co-Director for the Social Behavior Support at Center for Implementation & Evaluation of Education Systems and Technical Assistance Director for Center on PBIS

Summer 2021 Interconnected Systems Framework Day 1 Slides – Topics include:

  • Project DelAWARE & ISF Overview – As DelAWARE partners, we’ll celebrate successes to date and explore the plan forward utilizing MTSS with integrated mental health and SEL supports in preparation for returning to school.

  • District-Level Teaming – Creating an effective MTSS District Community Leadership Team (DCLT) to drive the structures needed to support an ISF. Reflect on membership to ensure the needed SEB/MH voices are on the team. Explore engaging & maintaining youth and family voice.

  • School-Level Teaming – Utilize team and membership inventories to merge teams with similar goals and expand to include needed voices. Establish roles and functions of teams across tiers of support and explore changing roles of staff (e.g. school clinicians).

Summer 2021 Interconnected Systems Framework Day 2 Slides – Topics include:

  • Assessing Current Systems, Data, & PracticesAssess core features of MTSS to plan for specific mental health enhancements. Reflect on current needs and desired outcomes to determine if a current inventory of initiatives meets these needs/outcomes. Explore what’s needed. Assess structures and data for identifying students who need access to support. Expand data sources to consider for integration of MTSS/Mental Health.
  • School Level Procedures & Routines of MTSS– Develop routines for data-based decision making as part of universal screening process. Create a process for tracking fidelity and monitoring outcomes of all interventions.

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