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Delaware’s MTSS Framework

DE-MTSS is a framework designed to meet the needs of the whole child through an integrated, multilevel prevention system that optimizes team-based leadership and data-driven decision making to meet the academic and nonacademic (e.g., behavioral, social and emotional) needs of all students. Educators provide high-quality, core academic instruction and nonacademic practices as universal supports to all children. School teams use a universal screening process to identify students who need additional help, and they deliver evidence-based interventions and supports that match student needs and are informed by ongoing progress monitoring and additional formative assessments.

Delaware’s MTSS Technical Assistance Center

The Delaware Multi-tiered System of Support Technical Assistance Center (DE-MTSS TA Center) was established by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) in partnership with the Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS). The team at CDS  provides professional learning and coaching for Delaware educators to support the academic and nonacademic development of all children through an integrated multi-tiered system of support. MTSS is a framework designed to eradicate systemic barriers through prevention and responsiveness to the varied needs of all learners. 

The DE-MTSS TA Center’s team brings together expertise from the historical Adapting Curriculum & Classroom Environments for Student Success (ACCESS) and Delaware Positive Behavior Support (DE-PBS) initiatives. 

Our Equity Mission Statement:
At the DE-MTSS TA Center, we are committed to improving outcomes for each student through collaboration with the DDOE, LEAs, and  schools. Educational systems cannot be considered effective until they are effective for all students. MTSS is a framework that is designed to eradicate systemic barriers through prevention and responsiveness to the varied needs of all learners. This approach leverages the most positive presumption about student ability. MTSS teams embed equity into their implementation of all aspects of MTSS “[to ensure] that every learner has access (and opportunity) to the educational resources and rigor they need at the right moment in their education across race, gender, ethnicity, religion, language, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, family background and/or family income” (The Aspen Education & Society Program & CCSSO, 2017). By fostering inclusive environments and practices and embracing diversity, we strive to create a more just and equitable educational landscape for all.

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Project Manager
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MTSS Specialist
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