Tier 3 Resources

Tier 3 Forms and Tools

Tier 3 Presentations and Schedule:  use the link for access to various Tier 3 presentations and professional development offered through the Delaware PBS Project.

Tier 3 Support Plans – PTR Tools: School based teams can use this information to gain information about training, coaching, forms, and advanced PTR resources.

Tier 3 Support Plans – Practices Tools – Educators can find information about key Tier 3 SEB practices, including helpful handouts about various prevent, teach, and respond practices. Educators can use the handouts alongside student assessment data to adapt their classroom practices for students with Tier 3 needs. Additionally, there are links to intervention pages for each PTR intervention, including explanations of the intervention and resources for implementation. Facilitators can use these pages to help teams select and contextually appropriate interventions matched to student assessment data.

Tier 3 Support Plans – Additional Tools:  School and district teams can find additional information about Tier 3 practices including Person Centered Planning resources, FBA/BIP for internalizing behaviors and PTR for families.

Tier 3 District Level Planning Tools – page currently under construction:  District level teams can access information on this page related to understanding the Tier 3 structures needed to develop a results driven system for students in need of individualized behavioral supports.

Tier 3 Networking Sessions – This page houses resources shared at networking sessions.

Tier 3 Professional Learning

All DE-PBS school teams should have foundational understanding of behavioral science to establish strong practices at all three Tiers. Those working with teams at Tier 3 to design individual behavior plans should have additional skills in facilitating the FBA/BIP Process.

Special TopicDeveloping Functional Behavior Supports SeriesThese self-paced webinars were developed to help all educators think functionally when selecting behavioral supports for students. Follow the link below the access the series webpage.

Developing Functional Behavior Support Series
Offered YearlyTier 3 School-Level Systems WorkshopThis training outlines foundational Tier 3 school-level systems features such as teaming, student identification, staff training, matching students with functional behavior supports and evaluating the overall effectiveness of Tier 3 interventions.. Participants learn about moving from “how” to implement FBA/BIPs toward building Tier 3 systems that are layered on the data, systems and practice structures of Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Intended audiences: educators responsible for developing and/or monitoring Tier 3 interventions (e.g., school psychologists, educational diagnosticians, and special education coordinators); school level MTSS Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 team leaders; district MTSS support personnel (e.g., coaches, special education coordinators, PTR master facilitators)

PowerPoint Presentation

Tier 3 School-Level Systems Action Plan
Special TopicPTR Networking SessionDuring this PTR networking call, Dr. Iovannone shared about trends in school refusal behaviors and successful PTR Family cases that supported these concerns. Participants shared about how their districts were encountering and working to address school refusal during the pandemic.

Presentation and Materials
Special TopicBehavioral Consultation with FamiliesPresentation and Materials
Offered YearlyPrevent-Teach-Reinforce Model of Team Based FBA and BIPsPrevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) is a Tier 3 behavior intervention process for completing Functional Behavior   Assessments and developing Behavior Intervention Plans. Participants will learn the 5 steps of the process and how to facilitate with teams in their school.

Presentation PPT

Blank Brief FBA/BIP Template
Offered YearlyTier 3: FBA/BIP for EducatorsIn this two part series, participants will learn how function based thinking can support student behavior.  They will apply the basics of applied behavior analysis to address concerning behavior, understand the steps to complete a  functional behavior assessment (FBA) and recognize the critical components of function based behavior intervention plans (BIPS).  Please note:  It is strongly recommended participants attend both sessions. These workshops are open to ALL educators (e.g., general or special education teachers) who want to learn more about using a function-based approach to address concerning behavior. Attendees will leave prepared to support the development and implementation of behavior plans, but not necessarily lead or facilitate the FBA/BIP process in their schools.

FBA and BIP for Educators
Special PresentationPerson-Centered PlanningThis workshop provides an overview of the principles and key concepts of Person-Centered Planning. Participants will learn several methods of developing action plans in this module including MAPs (Making Action Plans) and PATHs   (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) and how to determine which tool to use. Content includes how these tools can be used effectively to support individual students by bringing the key actors in a student’s life together to create an action plan to be implemented in the general classroom setting, as well as how they can be used to create action plans for their schools.
Special PresentationTier 3 Internalizing BehaviorOn Wednesday, November 15, the Delaware PBS Project welcomed Dr. Rose Iovannone from the University of South Florida. This new professional development focused on supporting students with internalizing behavior concerns, such as anxiety and refusing to attend school. Over 100 educators from 60 schools representing 13 districts were guided through the process of determining the function, or what is driving, the behavior.  This information is used to develop effective interventions that address the student’s unique needs.  Participants had the opportunity to practice developing interventions for a variety of sample case studies and ask questions about supporting students in their schools.

Guest speaker:  Dr. Rose Iovannone

Thinking functionally About Internalizing Behavior Problems PPT
Special PresentationTier 3 RedesignThe information shared with teams during Tier 3 team planning can be found within this PPT.

Guest speaker: Dr. Rose Iovannone

Additional Resources:
Blueprint for Tier 3
Tier 3 myths
Broad Recommendations: Tier 3 Ensures
Blank action plan template
Special PresentationPractice Based Coaching for Tier 3 Behavior SupportsFor those coordinating tier 3 interventions (e.g. school psychologist, behavioral specialist) through facilitating, coaching and/or training school teams in the PTR process (or any team-based model of individualized positive behavioral supports) or those interested in supporting the expansion of tier 3 practices in their school or district (administrator, PBS leadership).

Guest speaker: Dr. Rose Iovannone

Presentation PowerPoint
TATE Scoring Guide
Tier 3 Facilitator IC Map
Coaching Professional Development Action Plan
Coach/Coachee Planning Form
Coaching Sequence for Interventions
Coaching Sequence to Provide Feedback
PTR Coach Implementation Reflection Form
Coaches Code DRAFT
FBA BIP Coaching Manual Draft