To support Delaware public schools in creating learning environments that promote the well being of all students, the DE-PBS project routinely provides professional learning training to schools at all three tiers of implementation. Professional learning is designed to directly assist school staff in creating an integrated system of supports to prevent behavioral problems and address the needs of all students. The PBS Coaches support the implementation of PBS in schools within their district through the reinforcement of strategies taught during professional learning trainings.

Online Professional Learning

For a complete listing and details of our asynchronous webinars, core MTSS and School Climate Modules, please see our Online PD inventory 2021 or follow the links to individual webinar and module webpages below.

DE-PBS Webinars


School Mental Health Leadership Convening: Leveraging MTSS to Build Capacity: This 2-hour virtual learning session, hosted by Project DelAWARE, is for Delaware district and school leaders, and community partners championing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) with integrated mental health prevention and response efforts. Guest presenters, Susan Barrett and Kimberly Yanek, Ph.D., from the Center for Social Behavioral Support.


MTSS Tier 2 Check-In/Check-Out (CICO): The Fundamentals and Tools (3/10/22) – Educators involved in Tier 2 problem solving teams were invited to attend a live virtual overview session on the Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) intervention on March 10th, 2022. CICO is an evidence-based Tier 2 intervention that enhances Tier 1 universal supports in K-12 schools through increased structure and positive interactions with adults throughout the day via instruction and practice in self-monitoring of behavior and social-emotional competencies. This training outlines how to create a program and will provide tools and resources for  implementation.

FBA to BIP for Educators (10/27 & 11/9/21) – In this two part series, participants will learn how function based thinking can support student behavior.  They will apply the basics of applied behavior analysis to address concerning behavior, understand the steps to complete a  functional behavior assessment (FBA) and recognize the critical components of function based behavior intervention plans (BIPS).  Please note:  It is strongly recommended participants attend both sessions. These workshops are open to ALL educators (e.g., general or special education teachers) who want to learn more about using a function-based approach to address concerning behavior. Attendees will leave prepared to support the development and implementation of behavior plans, but not necessarily lead or facilitate the FBA/BIP process in their schools.


Counseling in the Virtual World – (10/19/2020) This webinar is being presented by Project DelAWARE (a DOE, DSCYF, and DE-PBS partnership). Presenters, Sandra Syglowski (Project DelAWARE/DSCYF) and Kiera McGillivray (Children & Families First) will be providing support to school counselors and psychologists by sharing practical ideas and easy-to-implement strategies to maximize skills while building and maintaining relationships with students in both the individual and group setting.
Virtual Crisis Response –  (5/5/20) This webinar highlights best practice ideas and advice for virtual crisis response, along with an opportunity to connect with others across the state. Two local educators present on best practices to identify and support students in need during the COVID-19 crisis.
Using MTSS to Keep SEL a Priority – (6/25/20) This webinar hosted by the DE-PBS project with guest presenter, Adriane Simpson, walks through the “CASEL Initial Guide to Leveraging the Power of SEL as You Prepare to Reopen and Renew Your School Community” and provides insight on centering the planning of reopening schools by utilizing an MTSS framework.
Matrix for Return to School – (8/6/20) This webinar, hosted by the DE-PBS project, demonstrates how to update or develop a behavior matrix of school-wide expectations to teach new health precautions, learning expectations and prioritize social emotional competencies that will need to be taught when returning to school for in-person or remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DE-PBS Professional Learning Modules

School Climate Modules:
Teacher-Student Relationships – This module focuses on supporting positive Teacher-Student Relationships. It provides an overview of what these relationships entail, why they are important, what factors contribute to both positive and negative teacher-student relations, and recommended strategies to improve these relationships. 
Student-Student Relationships – This module focuses on supporting positive student-to- student relationships. Content includes an overview of what student-student relationships are, why they are important, what factors contribute to both positive and negative student relations, and recommended strategies to improve these relationships. 
Bullying Prevention – This module focuses on preventing and decreasing bullying victimization. It provides an overview of what bullying victimization is, the effects of bullying, what factors contribute to bullying victimization, bullying prevention curricula and programs, and recommended strategies and interventions for decreasing bullying and bullying victimization. 
School-wide Student Engagement – This module focuses on promoting and improving student engagement in school. It provides an overview of what student engagement is, why it is important, what factors contribute to student engagement, and recommended strategies and interventions for increasing student engagement.
School Safety – This module focuses on improving School Safety. It provides an overview of what defines school safety, the primary factors that contribute to school safety, and recommended strategies and interventions to improve school safety.

Multi-Tiered System of Support Modules

DE-PBS MTSS Overview – Introductory resource for educators implementing a multi-tiered system of behavior support. 
DE-PBS SEL & SWPBIS Integration – The SEL & SWPBIS Integration Module focuses on integrating the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach and the School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) approach. This module reviews the two approaches, provides a rationale for integrating and aligning the two approaches, and provides practical strategies to support integration in schools. The purpose of this module is to help school professionals deepen their understanding of these approaches, how they are complementary to one another, and how they can be integrated effectively to enhance student learning and development. 
DE-PBS Project Team Leader Guide – The Team Leader Guide is a module designed to support those that lead school teams in the use of PBS as a multi-tiered system of support for behavior (MTSS). By supporting Team Leaders, we hope to build capacity and a support network for sharing ideas and strengthening these programs state-wide. 
DE-PBS ABCs of IEPs – The ABCs of IEPs is an informational module designed to increase educators’ knowledge and implementation of addressing behavior and social skills needs on the IEP. This module is intended for all educators responsible for writing or contributing to the development of IEPs that address behavioral or socio-emotional needs. It will be especially helpful for special education teachers, educational diagnosticians, special education administrators, school psychologists and counselors.
Building Habits of Effective Classroom Practice New! – This virtual professional learning supports classroom teachers through building habits of effective classroom practice. During this professional learning, the DE PBS Project in conjunction with The Center on PBIS, provides information on three highly effective practices to start in your face-to-face, hybrid, or virtual classroom right away. The module explains habit development through the ABCs of behavior and how to apply the ABCs of behavior to educator habit development in classrooms. Information and resources about three simple, evidence based, and culturally relevant practices supportive of students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth will be discussed. Participants will be guided to develop a plan to build a habit of effective practice using one of the three suggested positive classroom practices.
Top Ten Questions Answered about Universal Screening New! This 32-minute professional learning session is designed for all educators (e.g., administrators, teachers, clinicians) to answer ten frequently asked questions about universal screening. Viewers will consider how universal screening informs their MTSS including: characteristics of effective screeners, the differences/similarities between academic and social emotional tools, who and how often to screen, and strategies for problem solving with resulting data.  

CICO: Check-In/Check-Out Module New! – This 46-minute mini-learning module walks viewers through the components and considerations of the Tier 2 Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) intervention. CICO is an evidence-based Tier 2 intervention to help students reconnect with adults and school expectations. The module presents key concepts and tools to help Tier 2 Teams to determine if this intervention is a good fit for their students, if they have appropriate resources, fidelity measures, and how the process works.

Building Strong Team-Based Leadership Module New! – This 50 minute professional learning module supports schools and districts to build or strengthen solid teaming foundations. The module is intended for both academic and non-academic teams and committees to view collaboratively. Viewers will learn about strategies for effective teaming and will be led through a series of team-based reflections and opportunities for implementation action-planning in order to increase best practices and ultimately lead to stronger systems and successful outcomes.

Professional Learning by Tier

Tier 1

  • MTSS Tier 1: School-wide Team Workshop
  • PBS  School-wide Team Training: 1-day workshop
  • Establishing Systems of Positive Classroom Behavioral Supports
  • Responding to Problem Behaviors and Developing Self-Discipline

Tier 2

  • Tier 2 Foundations Workshop (June 2022)
  • MTSS Tier 2 Check-In/Check-Out
  • Targeted Team Training: 1-day workshop
  • Targeted Networking Session: 1/2 day workshop

Tier 3

  • PTR Networking Session
  • Behavioral Consultation with Families
  • Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Model of Team Based FBA and BIPs
  • Tier 3: FBA/BIP Workshop for Educators
  • Tier 2/3 Systems Training
  • Person-Centered Planning (2 days)
  • Tier 3: Internalizing Behavior
  • Tier 3 Redesign
  • Practice-Based Coaching for Tier 3 Behavior Supports

System Enhancements

  • Interconnected Systems Framework

Conference Presentations

Click the conference name below to find session handouts!


  • 2023 Social, Emotional and Behavioral Wellbeing Conference
    • Grounded in multi-tiered systems of support, local and national presenters highlight mental health, educator wellbeing, behavior support, youth, family and community involvement, and more!
  • Northeast PBIS Conference
    • Moving from Exploration to Implementation of a Universal SEB Screener
    • Resources to Support Teams to Select and Install Universal SEB Screeners (Poster)
  • 21st Annual Policy & Practice Institute
    • Using Universal SEB Screener Data to Inform Tier 1 Practices
    • A School and Community Approach to Building Mental Health Literacy through Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA)




  • Association of Positive Behavior Support (APBS)
    • Growing the Good: Strategies for Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices within a PBIS Framework 
  • Northeast PBIS
    • Adopt Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Tips, Tricks and Tools from the Field 
    • Defusing High School Student Fights through Tier 1 and 2 Innovations 
    • Improving School Climate: Research Based Strategies to Get the Job Done 
    • On the Same Page: Navigating the Integration of Trauma-Informed Practices within the PBIS Framework 


  • Association of Positive Behavior Support (APBS) 
    • Building Tier 3 Statewide Capacity: The Coaching Process Using PTR
  • Delaware Academy of School Leadership (DASL)
    • Coordinating an Effective Multi-Tiered System of Support for Behavior
  • Delaware PBS Multi Tiered Systems of Support 
    • Implementing MTSS to Address Social Emotional Behavioral Needs: Enhancing and Sustaining (Keynote)
    • Positive Classroom Behavioral Supports
    • Positive Classroom Behavioral Supports: Using Data and Systems to Build Capacity
    • Understanding Tier 2 & 3 as Part of Whole-School MTSS
    • Similar Gifts in Various Shiny Packages: Common Elements of Effective Group Interventions for Promoting Mental Health
  • Northeast PBIS
    • Mindfulness for Self-Regulation: Classroom Strategies for Teachers 
    • State and District Leadership: Strategies to get the PBIS Job Done 
    • Self-Care for Educators 
    • Success at Tier II: One School’s Journey with Check In/Check Out – Baltz Elementary School, Redclay School District 


Professional Learning Calendar

An updated calendar with upcoming PL opportunities is currently under construction. Check back soon for upcoming events or explore our previous professional development opportunities listed above.