Title Description Presentations, Handouts & Tools
PBS School-wide Team Training: 1-day workshop This workshop is open to new team members joining existing PBS school teams. The content presented will be very similar to the 2 day School-wide PBS Team training. Since participants are coming with products already developed, the team time will be shortened and the focus will be on product review and tweaking, as well as expanding and maintaining PBS programs.Offered Annually  
Developing Self-Discipline Open to staff from PBS schools. The primary focus is helping schools develop children’s self-discipline as a critical component of comprehensive school discipline. Participants will learn what constitutes self-discipline, and why it is important, the practical strategies for using praise and reinforcers to help develop self-discipline, the cognitions and emotions that underlie self-discipline, and practical strategies for preventing and correcting behavior problems and developing self-discipline.Offered Annually  
DE-PBS Celebration This event celebrates the wonderful things happening with DE-PBS across the state in our 140 schools!The conference is open to DE-PBS school team members & staff, schools considering DE-PBS, administrators, parents/family members, etc.Offered Annually  
Classroom Management with Dr. Laura Riffel The Delaware PBS Project is excited to have Dr. Laura Riffle as our guest to present to staff from DE-PBS schools on the hot topic of classroom management.  Dr. Riffle has over 30 years of experience in educational settings (regular and special education), and has served as a statewide coordinator for a program serving all children in the state with behaviors impeding their learning or that of others.Guest Speaker  
School Climate Data Analysis Workshop