The Delaware Department of Education partnered with the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project providing professional development on the behavioral needs of the IEP. The DE State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) funds this training that supports school personnel. The ABC’s (Addressing the Behavioral Concerns) of IEP’s has been designed to increase educators’ knowledge and implementation of addressing behavior and social skills needs on the IEP. The Professional Development supports educators to identify and address a student’s specific behavior and social skill needs throughout the entire development of the IEP. Participants learn how to use and identify replacement skills for negative behaviors in order to write appropriate goals for skill development. The Professional Development ties the FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) and BSP (Behavior Support Plan) and IEP goals together. Data collection methods and tools are also provided, as they are critical for ensuring goals are measurable and progress can be effectively monitored. Educators use their own specific student data to create measurable goals that are linked to data collection procedures in order to promote fidelity of data, which enhances participant’s ability to make data-based decisions for students.

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