DE-PBS Administrators

Why do School-wide PBS?

Enhancing schools through school-wide PBS (SW-PBS) helps:

  • Build a positive school climate by creating a school community
  • Establish a foundation for consistent use of language for behavior instruction, mastery, and student motivation
  • Secure a collaborative and supportive effort with faculty and staff specifically through data-based planning
  • Enrich relationships with families and community.

What as an Administrator are the three most important things I can do for my DE-PBS initiative?

  • Acknowledge your SW-PBS team leader and team (praise your team, recognize your team and its leader at meetings, and individually acknowledge staff for their efforts)
  • Attend SW-PBS team meetings and
    participate (help to analyze data, streamline resources, brainstorm ideas)
  • Reserve time (5-10 minutes) for SW-PBS updates and data review at faculty meetings/PLC time.

Can SW-PBS sustain without an Administrator on Board?

  • Likely not!  Buy in and support for SW-PBS at the administrative level is key!  Although administrators do not have to be the team leader per se, showing support and
    following through with SW-PBS initiatives is imperative to successful implementation!


Administrator Round Table Resources:

September 25, 2012