Technical Manual for School Climate Surveys

Technical Manual for Delaware School Surveys – Spring 2019

When citing the technical manual, please use the following citation

Bear, G., Yang, C., Harris, A., Mantz, L., Hearn, S., & Boyer, D. (2019). Technical Manual for the Delaware School Survey: Scales of School Climate; Bullying Victimization; Student Engagement; Positive, Punitive, and Social Emotional Learning Techniques; and Social and Emotional Competencies. Newark, DE: Center for Disabilities Studies.

Fast facts about using the Delaware School Surveys:

  • The surveys are available for use and are free, but please reference the tool whenever it is used.
  • Please contact George Bear ( or Sarah Hearn ( with requests to use the surveys.
  • There are 3 versions of the Delaware School Surveys: Student, Teacher/Staff, and Home. Upon request, we can share survey documents and subscale summaries that organize the items by subscale.
  • In Delaware, we offer the surveys via Scantron form or online using Qualtrics survey software. The staff surveys are only offered online.
  • The surveys can be shared through Qualtrics, where users can view, copy, and distribute the survey through the Qualtrics software.