Using School Climate Data

2021 School Climate Data Materials

Survey results should be used for program evaluation and development. The surveys provide useful information for needs assessment, indicating if a school needs to devote greater attention to important areas of school climate, such as teacher-student relations, student relations and safety, clarity of expectations, fairness of rules, teacher-parent relations, and the use of positive, punitive and social emotional learning techniques. The goal of these materials is to support district and school teams in understanding report structures, guide interpretation of data and lead to strategic action planning.

School Climate Data: Understand-Interpret-Use (19-20) : The video provided via this Google Drive folder explains the layout of the Delaware School Climate Survey Report, how to interpret your data, and ways to action plan around strengths and concerns that are revealed through this year’s data. We encourage teams to watch prior to or as part of the report review process.

Delaware School Survey Foundation Resource: For those newer to the Delaware School Climate Survey process, this powerpoint presentation provides background information on what this survey is measuring, why it is important, and the reliability and validity of the scales.

School Climate Module Series: As teams review data and identify areas for growth, we encourage the use of our School Climate Online Module Series developed to provide information to schools that can lead to improvements in school climate and behavioral outcomes for students. Visit this page to learn more and see instructions on how to access these School Climate modules which can be used as professional development credit.

Instructions for Downloading Online Reports

Your school’s Delaware School Climate data reports for student, staff and home versions are now available for you to view through the CoVitality App. To download and view your school’s reports, follow instructions linked below.

Steps for Interpreting School Reports

The Interpretation Worksheets provide an outline to follow when interpreting your school’s climate survey data. It guides one through the graphs and tables for each scale/subscale and prompts the identification of strengths and concerns for each survey population. Action plans for each population are also available to determine next steps for your school based on this year’s data.

This year, the layout of the DE School Climate survey has changed with the new app platform, and the Interpretation Worksheets have been updated to reflect those changes. Please see the School Climate Data: Understand-Interpret-Use (19-20) video for guidance on how to use the Interpretation Worksheets.

Updated 2021 worksheets coming soon!

Templates for Sharing Data:

Sharing your data is important! These PowerPoint templates are examples of how to share your school’s climate survey data with families and staff. We encourage you to use these slides and add in your own data when sharing your results with families and staff.

Updated 2021 data sharing tools coming soon!

2019 School Climate Data Workshop Presentations

These presentations below are from the 2018-2019 School Climate Data Workshop.