FBA to BIP for Educators

October 27 & November 9, 2021

In this two-part series, participants will learn how function-based thinking can support student behavior.  They will apply the basics of applied behavior analysis to address concerning behavior, understand the steps to complete a functional behavior assessment (FBA) and recognize the critical components of function-based behavior intervention plans (BIPs).  Please note:  It is strongly recommended participants complete both sessions. These workshops are open to ALL educators (e.g., general or special education teachers) who want to learn more about using a function-based approach to address concerning behavior. Attendees will leave prepared to support the development and implementation of behavior plans, but not necessarily lead or facilitate the FBA/BIP process in their schools.

Interested in credit for participating in these webinars asynchronously? Sign up for PDMS Course #30118 (Part 1 is Section #57774, Part 2 is Section #57775) in Schoology and complete the survey.  If you do not need PDMS credit, feel free to just use the resources on this page.

Questions?  Reach out to Niki Kendall

Webinar Recording

Part 1:

Part 2:


Webinar Materials:

Presentation Slides:

Additional Resources:

Session 1: FBA

Session 2: BIP

Prevent Interventions

Relationships & Noncontingent Attention

Predictable Classroom Routines & Transition Supports

Provide Choices

Increase Opportunities to Respond

Modify Instruction to Student’s Level/Behavioral Momentum

Teach Interventions

Specific SEL Skills


Reinforce to Increase Behaviors

Other Resources

  • Brief FBA to BIP Tool: This fillable form addresses several sequential steps of FBA-BIP
  • FACTS Interview Tool: This is fillable word document of a functional assessment checklist for teachers and staff to complete
  • PTR Checklist: This tool provides a checklist for how to prevent, teach, and reinforce interventions with detailed reasons, examples and steps for how to use the various strategies
  • Top 10 Behavioral Interventions: This article from PBIS.org includes 10 intervention strategies to support and respond to student behavior
  • Tier 3 Forms and Tools: This part of the DE-PBS website provides further resources and tools for supporting students at the Tier 3 level