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School-wide Expectations – Development & Review Guide

Behavior Matrix Blank Form



Resource Description How to Use This Resource
Cool Tool Blank Form This document helps organize the use of school-wide expectations based on the how it is incorporated into the lesson, teaching examples, student activities, and follow-up reinforcement activities. Teams can use this document to manage how expectations are being incorporated into the daily curriculum for students.
Homegrown SW-PBIS Videos This website offers many videos of school-wide initiatives done and strategies used in schools across different levels. Teams can access this website to reference many examples of other teams implementing school-wide initiatives in their schools.
PBIS School-wide Videos This website offers many videos of various PBIS leadership forums and other PBIS-related presentations. Teams can use this website for ????????



Resource Description How to Use This Resource
Acknowledgement Matrix Blank Form This document is an acknowledgement matrix that breaks down the type of acknowledgement and the what, when, where, and who of each type. Teams can use this document to track their use of PBS acknowledgements by type and descriptions of who/what they are given.
Free Rewards for Students & Staff This document includes an extensive list of examples of recognition rewards that can be given to students at the elementary and secondary school level as well as ones for adults. Teams can use this document as examples of rewards that can be given out to students to recognize them for PBS.
Acknowledgement System Self-Check This document provides a self-check list to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an acknowledgement plan. Teams can use this document to monitor their acknowledgement plan and find ways to improve it.
Positive Behavior Referral Example — Milford HS This is an example of a blank positive behavior referral form to inform parents of a good action that a student has done. Teams can use this as a way to recognize and praise students for positive behavior as well as alerting parents of their child’s good behavior.
Class Dojo This is an app that allows teachers to stay connected with parents. Teams can use this app to keep parents informed of good things that are going on in the classroom throughout the school day.
Effective Use of Praise & Rewards This document outlines the most effective ways to acknowledge and praise students and highlights the do’s and don’ts of reward systems. Teams can use this document to help guide their acknowledgement/praise system to ensure they are rewarding students and staff in the best possible ways.


Developing Positive Relationships


Resource Description How to Use This Resource
Developing Positive Relationships – SW & CR Ideas Text Text
Knowing Your Students Activity Text Text