Administration of Survey

Welcome to the 2020-21 DSCS administration support page.

There are three separate surveys:  Student, Teacher/Staff, and Home.  Schools can choose to survey one, two, or three populations.  Whereas the Teacher/Staff and Home surveys are appropriate for all grade levels, the Student survey is for grades 3-12.
    • Click on this flyer and consider personalizing the information to your school and distributing (electronically or via paper) to parents. Last year’s school climate data report includes the percentage of parents who completed the survey.
      • In your HOME report, look on the page before the graphs. At the bottom of the page, you will see “Survey Completion Information” and the percentage of parents in your school who completed the survey.
      • At the bottom of the flyer, you can insert directions for parents to complete the survey. Provide the Delaware PBS website ( link if parents are completing the online survey, or a statement such as “Surveys were sent home with your student on [insert date surveys were distributed].”
    • Check out our Delaware School Climate Survey – Home Survey Tips document for more advice and tips on how to increase your Home Survey completion.
  • Schools administering PAPER versions of the home surveys should include the Return Checklist in the packages with the completed surveys to Center for Disabilities Studies no later than March 6th, 2020.


Surveys are available to be used on an annual basis.  Schools are invited to participate in October, and the survey window opens December – March.  Data summary reports are available upon online survey completion.


Student and Teacher/Staff surveys can only be completed on-line with a computer.

Home surveys are available in two formats: a computer-scorable Scantron form OR an online survey.  It is recommended that the online survey only be used in schools where electronic correspondence is established for all families to ensure equal access.  The Home version is also available in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

Are there additional resources?

Typically, a workshop is held in spring to support schools to understand and interpret their data reports.  Schools are guided through use of the “Steps for Interpreting School Reports.”

See the School Climate Data Workshop – State-wide Data Overview for the 2018-19 workshop presentation.

A published study by Bear, Gaskins, Blank, and Chen (2011) in the Journal of School Psychology provided strong evidence of the construct and concurrent validity and the reliability of the Delaware School Climate Survey-Student.

Bear, G.G., Gaskins, C., Blank, J., & Chen, F.F. (2011). Delaware School Climate – Student: Its Factor Structure, Concurrent Validity, and Reliability. Journal of School Psychology, 49, 157-174