When guiding MTSS/PBS teams in work they could collaborate on virtually while working remotely, Choice Boards organized by Tiers 1-3, can prove to be useful. Utilize these documents to identify and guide teams in MTSS/PBS best practices that can be done now and/or that support distance learning related MTSS needs.

1. MTSS/PBS Choice Board Sample: This is in Word format to give the opportunity to start with pre-filled ideas, but can be edited to include District-specific priorities for teams.

2. MTSS/PBS Choice Board Template:  This is in Word format to offer the opportunity to create choices from scratch as a team activity and/or to focus entirely on District-specific activities.

Many thanks go to Capital School District’s MTSS/PBS Coaches, Jocelyn Brown and Sonia Songui, for sharing the Choice Board idea and collaborating on the development. We also thank them for sharing the Capital School District MTSS Choice Board Example for user reference.

DE PBS Key Features

DE-PBS Key Feature Evaluation Q&A

Directions for the DDRT Tutorial

DDRT Tutorial

DDRT Template 2019-20 4 year

DDRT Template 2019-20 2 year

PBS Team Notebooks

  • Permanent Products Notebook Model
    • This is an outline of all of the program materials the team creates when they begin implementing a Schoolwide PBS program.  There are blank templates for developing products, examples of school products, as well as reference documents.
  • Working Notebook Model
    • This is an outline of the monthly meeting materials Schoolwide PBS teams may use such as minutes and data reports.  Having a separate working notebook is helpful for keeping your monthly meetings organized and keeps the permanent products notebook from overflowing.  Note that although you have a permanent products notebook, the team can always revise a permanent product, such as updating the behavior matrix.  The new matrix would then be placed in the teams permanent products notebook.
  • DE-PBS School-wide Team Product Guide – 2014-15
    • This document contains outlines of both the permanent product notebook and the working notebook as well as a short Q & A about the purpose of the notebooks.