School Safety

This module focuses on developing School Safety. It provides an overview of what defines school safety, the primary factors that contribute to school safety, and recommended strategies and interventions to improve feelings of school safety.

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This module, along with the Teacher-Student Relationships, Student-Student Relationships, Bullying, and Engagement modules, is available on the School Climate Professional Development group in Schoology. The access code is 2P5NM-F56JT.


Lead Authors: Dr. George Bear and Angela Harris, M.A., University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

Research Narrative Reviewed by: Dr. Aaron Kupchik, University of Delaware

PowerPoint Developed and Reviewed by: Angela Harris

Audio Recorded by: Fiona Lachman

Funding and Support from: The Delaware Department of Education through the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project and the School Climate and Student Success Grant