2018 APBS Conference

Building Tier 3 Statewide Capacity: The Coaching Process Using PTR PPT

2017 AUCD Conference

AUDC Presentation


2017 NASP Conference

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2016 NASP Conference

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2016 NEPBIS Conference:

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Growth Mindset in SWPBS Framework


Turn the Team Around Presentation

Red Clay School School District Problem Solving Team Flow Chart


2015 NEPBIS Conference:

DE-PBS Poster

Poster- Ownership of All Students

PTR Conference Presentation

One Team! One Family! William Henry Middle School Presentation


2015 PBIS Leadership Forum:

PTR Presentation


2014 Bethesda Child Development Center Professional Development Day:

Creating a Positive and Proactive Culture – PowerPoint

Handout- Cool Tool of the Week

Handout- Program-wide PBS Matrix

Handout- Acknowledgement Matrix

Article- Building Positive Relationships with Young Children

Handout-Building Relationships


2014 NASP Conference:

Bullying Victimization and School-wide Discipline: Their Relations to School Climate

Utilizing Secondary Student Voices to Address School Climate

Differences in Bullying Victimization Between Students With and Without Disabilities


2013 Northeast PBIS Conference:

3G. Tell Me More: Utilizing Student Focus Groups

P3. DE-PBS Key Feature Evaluation

P4. Student Leadership and SW-PBS

4G. School Climate and Bullying


2012 NASP Conference (2/21/2012):

2012 NASP Presentation

2012 Northeast PBIS Conference (5/17-18/2012):

2012 NPBIS presentation