To support Delaware public schools in creating learning environments that promote the well being of all students, the DE-PBS project routinely provides professional development to schools at all three tiers of implementation. Professional development is designed to directly assist school staff in creating an integrated system of supports to prevent behavioral problems and address the needs of all students. The PBS Coaches support the implementation of PBS in schools within their district through the reinforcement of strategies taught during professional development trainings.

The links below present the descriptions of professional development trainings that schools should complete at the three tiers of PBS implementation. Additional professional development opportunities available to all public schools in the state are also described.

Tier 1: Universal, School-wide Framework
Tier 2: Targeted Framework
Tier 3: Intensive Framework

Additional Professional Development:

School Climate Data Analysis Training
Social Skills Pilot Training
Annual DE-PBS Conference

Past Professional Development – Special Topics

Universal Screening for Social-Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties – 4/23/2008

Northeast PBIS:

Northeast PBIS Conference 2016